Police End Investigations Surrounding The Culprit Who Stole Goo Hara’s Safe

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The culprit who stole Goo Hara’s safe remains free.

On April 28, the Seoul Gangnam district police stated that they have ended the investigation into the theft back in December of 2020.

As previously reported, someone had broken into Goo Hara’s home in Gangnam, Seoul, in January 2020 and stole her safe. The brother filed a complaint and an investigation was launched in March of 2020.

However, the police have decided to close the case without finding a perpetrator on December 17, 2020. The police was unable to obtain any additional footage that could help them search for the culprit and relying on the CCTV from the victim’s side wasn’t enough. The police added that that there needs to be additional evidence or clue in order to launch an investigation but they were unable to find anything they could go on.

This information was belatedly revealed to the public as the investigation was officially close a while ago.

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