“Penthouse 3” is already underway!

On April 22, various Korean news outlets reported that the hit SBS drama “Penthouse 3” first script reading will be happening on April 25, this signals the beginning of “Penthouse 3” filming because most projects start filming shortly after the first script reading. In regards to the exact scheduling of when they’ll begin shooting, SBS has stated nothing has been decided yet.

Screenwriter Kim Sook Ok has reportedly finished working on 3 episodes so far for the next season. “Penthouse 3” is said to feature even more shocking plot-twists and changes to the main characters.

In regards to the episodes count, SBS still hasn’t issued a response, some news outlets reported that it would be 12 episodes long while others reported it to be 11 episodes long. News outlets also reported that “Penthouse 3” will only air once weekly instead of twice as per usual, SBS has not commented on that as well.

“Penthouse 3” is set to take on “Taxi Driver” time slot in June.

Are you excited for “Penthouse” season 3?

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