Could it be that we’ll get to hear new music from 2NE1 soon?

Park Bom has recently revealed on a radio show that her group has recorded a song together, and as you’d expect the internet went crazy over the news.

Park Bom appeared on a radio show and during her conversation with the DJ, she appears to have accidentally let slip that 2NE1 had recorded something together as a group for the first time in a very very long time, she said,

“Oh, yes, we recorded something… [Park Bom appears to have surprised herself],”

The DJ asks if its okay to say this, Park Bom then added that they’ve indeed recorded something but she’s unsure whether it’ll ever be released.

2NE1 had disbanded a couple of years ago, but despite that, the group members have frequently shared instances of their reunion on social media. Many fans were pretty upset by the group’s disbandment. This news has given fans new hope that 2NE1 might one day reunite again and perform on stage as a group.

You can hear Park Bom talk about this below!


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