NCT DREAM members have tested negative for COVID-19!

On April 5, a source from SM Entertainment stated that NCT DREAM member Chenle has tested negative after coming in contact with a positive case of the company’s employee who has tested positive, despite his negative results, he’s still in self-quarantine.

As a precaution, the rest of NCT DREAM members also tested and the results came out negative, they didn’t come into contact with that same employee.

This also brings the question of whether NCT DREAM’s pending comeback will be delayed. Previously, SM confirmed the group is set to return with new music soon. A source from SM stated they’re currently preparing for it, they will announce the release date once it’s been finalized.

Since Chenle is the DJ for TBS eFM’s radio show “Akdong Seoul.,” NCT’s Kun is filling in for him for the time being as a special DJ.


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