Na In Woo Revealed To Have Lost 8 Kg (16 lb) While Filming For “River Where The Moon” + Filmed For 20 Episodes In 1 Month

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The PD of “River Where the Moon” talked about the ordeal behind the re-shoots for the drama and how Na In Woo worked so hard during the filming.

“River Where the Moon” had wrapped up its run last night. The drama was involved in controversy due to its lead actor Ji Soo who had been accused of bullying and more, eventually, he was let go of the drama and the production cast another actor to replace him.

Na In Woo ended up taking on his role and it wasn’t an easy ride. Ji Soo had filmed 95% of his scenes for the drama which meant they had to re-shoot a lot of scenes. Na In Woo had a lot of catching up to do and time wasn’t on his hand.

The PD sat down for an interview on April 21 and revealed more stories about the filming for the drama and talked about how hard Na In Woo worked.

He revealed that Na In Woo filmed for the entire drama in one month, yes, you heard it right, one month. The production team took rotation without breaks so they could shoot and be able to catch up to the schedule.

Na In Woo didn’t need jawline makeup as he’s lost over 8 kg (16 lb) while filming. The PD praised the actor and said he’s a hidden gem, and that he’s glad to have cast him in the project.

The PD also talked about Kim So Hyun’s dedication, she had to re-film for three characters.

The PD said that the atmosphere was so good and everyone worked with kind heart, he also thanked the viewers who showed unwavering support for the drama by sending positive messages, coffee and food carts and more,

“During the re-shooting, fans continued to cheer us from coffee, tea, gifts, and that was a great help. The support from viewers became a positive medicine for me as well.”

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