Chilean Comedy Show “Mi Barrio” Under Heavy Fire For Mocking BTS In A Sketch And Making Fun Of Their Language + The Chilean Network Issues Apology

Chilean Comedy Show “Mi Barrio” has come under fire after a sketch aired on April 10.

Mega TV’s comedy show “Mi Barrio” had a segment about five members of a boy band who appeared on a talk show. During the segment, many things caught the attention of fans and caused outrage. When asked to introduce themselves, they stated their names to be Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong Dos, Kim Jong Tres, Kim Jong Cuatro, and Juan Carlos. [a play on the North Korean leader name Kim Jong Un]. Later, when asked for their real names, they introduced themselves as Jungkook, Agust D, J-Hope, and Jin.

During the segment, one member said he was able to speak Korean but proceeded to speak nonsense in an accent and then translated the line to ‘I got the vaccine.’

After the show aired, fans shared around video footage of the sketch and it caused an outrage among fans who began trending many hashtags demanding an apology from the show and have begun to send complaints to the Chilean National Television Council.

On April 12, the broadcasting station Mega took to their Twitter account to issue an apology regarding the issue, they apologized for having hurt people and stated they have no intentions of insulting or hurting the Asian community.

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