IU Opens Up About Why She Hated Herself In The Past, And What Changed That

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IU has recently opened up about herself on the latest episode of “You Quiz on the Block,” and a lot of what she said is making headlines.

The singer-actress appeared as a guest on the 100th episode special of the popular tvN show, she revealed she was a big fan of the show.

IU said she watches “You Quiz on the Block” and if she misses the episode, she would watch the reruns, she had also watched the BTS episode that scored the highest ratings for the show thus far.

Despite IU’s massive success as a celebrity, fans were surprised to learn IU struggled to accept and love herself in the past, she recalled the reason why and the moment that changed,

“When I was young, I had a lot of self-hatred. Even if I achieved good results, it was hard for me to love myself. When I turned 25 years old, that was the turning point of my life.”

She referred to the chorus of her 2017 hit “Palette” and explained the reason she wrote certain lyrics and how it helped change her perception of herself,

“I wrote ‘I think I know a little bit now [who I am]’ it was because I felt there was nothing left that could make me more disappointed or surprised by myself. I was finally able to accept my weaknesses and strengths. I was finally able to like myself.”

Watch IU on “You Quiz on the Block” below!


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