Cignature Announces The Departure Of Two Members Ye Ah And Sunn Ahead Of Comeback, Group Loses The Main Rapper And Lead Vocalist

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Cignature has lost two members!

On April 27, Cignature’s agency J9 Entertainment released an official notice to their social media revealing that Cignature Ye Ah And Sunn have terminated their contracts with the agency and have left the group.

The shocking announcement comes at a crucial time, it was previously stated that Cignature was preparing for a March comeback and the departure of not one but two members is shocking fans. The two members play a crucial part in the group, Ye Ah is the Main Vocalist and Lead Dancer while Sunn is the Main Rapper and Main Dancer.

Cignature will be preparing for their return as 5-members.

Check out the agency’s statement:

“Hi, This is J9 Entertainment.

The following announcement is regarding the cignature’s members, Ye Ah and Sunn.

While we were preparing for cignature’s comeback in March, Ye Ah and Sunn stated that they will no longer be active as cignature members.

So we terminated the exclusive contract without any condition after consultation with Ye Ah and Sunn as well as their parents.

We sincerely apologize for informing this sad note to the fans who are waiting for cignature’s comeback.

We are currently doing our best to help cignature showing their new music performance to the fans as soon as possible.

We are sorry about the sudden news that has concerned the fans, please continue showing support to cignature.

Thank you.”

Cignature debuted in February of 2020.

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