BTS To Enlist Together In 2022? Big Hit Music Respond

Its being stated that there is a possibility that BTS members will carry out their military service at the same time.

On April 21, in an investigative report published by Leading Investment & Securities about HYBE, research analyst Yoo Sung Man wrote that its being predicted that BTS members are set to enlist in the military simultaneously before mid-2022. Thus, the members will minimize the group’s inactivity period as the actual period will be reduced to one year.

For an active duty soldier, the service period is one year and six months. And considering that BTS pre-produced content will be made available ahead of their enlistment, the analyst predicts the inactivity period will around one year.

This comes after the Ministry of National Defense promulgated an amendment to the military service law that makes outstanding individuals working in the popular culture and arts industry eligible to defer their military enlistment, this means that if BTS is eligible for the law, the oldest member Jin will be ale to delay his enlistment until the end of 2022.

In regards to the new report, Big Hit Music stated to Xportsnews, “We have nothing to tell you besides what the artists have shared.”

Do you think its a good idea if all the members enlist together?

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