BTS Jin is known for being one of the most handsome kpop idols. His good looks are often talked about among fans and nonfans, he’s also one of the visuals of the group and is known for being proud of his looks.

Since BTS Jin often shows confidence, fans were shocked when they revisited an old clip of Jin talking about how facial hair made him lose his self-confidence.

During a cameo appearance in Suga’s “Daechwita,” Jin appeared with a full beard, and for the first time, fans saw Jin with facial hair. However, in a behind-the-scenes video, fans noticed that Jin looked a bit down, averted contact with the camera and generally appeared uncomfortable.

During a past live stream, Jin opened up about why he was like this, he’s revealed that during the time of filming his confidence took a dip and seeing himself with facial hair he realized he should never have it, he said, “I shouldn’t have a beard!”

However, netizens disagree with Jin as they think he still looked incredibly handsome even with a beard and that facial hair suited him.

Do you think Jin looks good with facial hair?


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