Apink Chorong Personally Admits To Underage Drinking But Denies Bullying Rumors

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Apink Chorong has been embroiled in bullying accusations, her agency has already denied the accusations but since then, photos of Chorong’s underage drinking were leaked online by the same alleged victim Kim that has been claiming Chorong bullied her.

On April 6, Chorong personally posted a statement to her Instagram account, she apologized and admitted to underage drinking but denied she has ever bullied anyone.

In her statement, she begins by apologizing for giving people worry in light of photos of her drinking when she was a minor, she stated,

“I hurt everyone who supported me because of my foolish and wrong behavior from when I was young. I sincerely apologize, there is no room for excuses.”

She also stated that she’s been dealing with the bullying matter that has recently became public for about a month now, she tried to resolve this and communicate with the alleged victim amicably but it didn’t end up working well. Chorong added that she feels even more tortured since she still has memories of being good friends with that person starting from elementary school all the way to high school,

“But I would like to reiterate that I am innocent until the end when it comes to the untruth that have been spread.

I never, at any point, slapped Ms. Kim’s face like she claims, took off her clothing or committed violence against her. In regards to this matter, I will do my utmost best to completely prove my innocence through testimonies of those who were around at the time and transcripts of my calls with Ms. Kim.”

She ended her statement by apologizing to the fans who have cheered her on and supported her for 10 years also to her fellow Apink members and her agency staff, and to everyone who helped and supported her. She says she feels so apologetic to convey this kind of news on their 10th anniversary and bows her head in apology.

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