Apink Chorong Accused Of Being A School Bully, Agency Denies + Files A Lawsuit


A netizen [hereafter refereed to as ‘A’] has claimed Apink Chorong was a school bully.

‘A’ had told a news outlet that the idol had bullied her in 2008 when she was 18 years old, she ran into her and despite smiling to her, Chorong’s friend said to her, “hey, Chorong wants to see you and dragged me into an alleyway, Chorong said, I didn’t like the way you smiled at me, she slapped me in the face and kicked my shin.”

‘A’ proceeds to claim that when she contacted Chorong she apologized to her, and when she asked for an official apology, Chorong asked to meet up. ‘A’ didn’t want to meet up due to the trauma she suffered from the incident and in their second phone call, she claims Chorong retracted her words saying she didn’t commit any violence against her.

‘A’ also claimed to have a recording of their first call and evidence.

The case with ‘A’ relates to something Chorong’s agency has recently spoken up about. Chorong has taken legal action against her for defamation and attempted coercion, ‘A’ says she’s ready to take legal action for the false accusations and her legal representative commented that they have lots of evidence that the accusations [made by Chorong’s agenc] are wrong and they will be taking legal action against her.

In response to A’s claims, Apink’s agency Play M Entertainment firmly refuted the accusations in an official response. They stated that this is being done to ‘damage Chorong’s reputation’. They stated that Chorong has been threatened with the same claims already and despite making the facts clear, ‘A’ continued to refute the conclusions. They state they will take firm legal action until the end.

Source: (A)


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