All Apink Members But Son Naeun Renew With Their Agency + Son Naeun In Talks To Join YG

Play M Entertainment has issued an official statement regarding Apink’s contracts renewals.

On April 29, Play M Entertainment revealed that Apink Son Naeun has left their agency after not renewing her exclusive contract. The idol-actress parted ways with the agency while the remaining five members [Park Chorong, Yoon Bomi, Jung Eun Ji, Kim Namjoo, and Oh Hayoung] have all agreed to renew their contracts again with the agency based on our mutual faith and trust.

Play M stated that they will respect Naeun’s decision as she chose to pursue a new dream. Regardless of that, the agency assured fans that Apink is still six members, adding,

“All the six members have equal love for the team, so we are planning to continue a positive and cooperative relationship regarding this.”

Moving on, the six members will continue promoting as a team and individually and Apink is also preparing for a full album this year to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Following the announcement, reports about Naeun’s possible new home was revealed, she’s currently in talks to join YG Entertainment, a source from the agency stated they were in positive talks with her.

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