Advertisers Cut Ties With Seo Ye Ji Over Her Recent Controversies + Could Face Million Of Dollars In Penalty Fees

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Actress Seo Ye Ji has been hit hard by her recent scandals and her image has taken a severe hit.

While it began with her involvement in Kim Jung Hyun’s attitude towards “Time” drama cast and staff it has snowballed into much more with many allegations coming out about her, from her alleged bullying during her school days, to faking her education background and more.

Her agency had already denied the bullying rumors as well as the rumors that claim she didn’t study in Spain. However, the backlash didn’t subside. More stories about Seo Ye Ji’s alleged terrible personality has spread online with many more coming out with their stories about how the actress treated them in the past, this includes alleged family members, friends, school mates and employees in the industry who used to work under her. Her agency didn’t address any of the recent rumors about her alleged bad personality.

Due to the severe backlash, various companies have privated videos featuring Seo Ye Ji as their advertisement model and many more have stopped advertising with her. Photos of her modeling for various brands have also been deleted from social media.

According to Korean news outlets, Seo Ye Ji could end up facing hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions in penalty fees for her recent controversies. The industry standards states that If an advertising model causes social controversy and adversely affects the brand image, they’re usually charged a penalty of two to three times the advertising cost. [such clauses are usually written in any brand contract]

According to industry sources, Seo Ye Ji’s modeling fees range from 1 to 5 million dollars per annual contract. If the brands associated with her claim damages and demand a penalty, she might end up incurring losses of around 2 to 3 million dollars according to various reports.

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