Actor Ji Soo Is Getting Sued By “River Where The Moon Rises” Production Company, Here Is Why

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Actor Ji Soo; who formally led the KBS historical drama “River Where The Moon Rises;” is getting sued.

On April 2, the production company Victory Contents behind “River Where The Moon Rises” issued an official press statement to confirm they’ve filed a lawsuit against Key East [a subsidiary of SM], home to actor Ji Soo.

The actor had been involved in huge controversy and admitted to bullying his classmates, since then, he’s departed the drama and was replaced by actor Na In Woo. He had filmed up to 95% of his scenes, and when the controversy broke out, chaos ensued and viewers demanded his departure from the drama. Later, Na In Woo was cast in his role and they had to re-film episodes 7 to 20 with the new actor.

Victory Contents stated that they were forced to replace the lead actor and had to re-film the scenes that involved his character. Thus, they’ve suffered financial damages and the cost of re-filming was massive, they had already invested a huge budget for the drama filming, and the re-shoots added to the cost. They also revealed they chose to re-film the first 6 episodes to deliver the complete experience to the viewers.

Despite their attempts to negotiate a settlement regarding this issue with Key East as its their responsibility to compensate for the losses that occurred because of their actor, Key East has failed to comply and thus, they’ve decided to pursue legal action against the agency.

Later, it was reported that the lawsuit filed by Victory Contents involves over 3 billion won (~$2.7 million ) in damages. Key East addressed the news when they broke out and stated they ‘believed to have been in the negotiation stages’ of the damages settlement and are ‘baffled’ to discover that Victory Contents have filed a lawsuit.

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  1. They made the foolish decision to fire Ji Soo and refilm and now they’re trying to recoup by cannibalizing the young man. Koreans are looking bad here.

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