TVXQ’s Yunho has violated social distancing guidelines.

On March 9, reports revealed that Yunho is being investigated by police for remaining at a restaurant in Gangnam until 12AM KST in late February. According to the current COVID-19 protocol in Seoul, restaurants are only allowed to open until 10 p.m. KST.

In an official statement, SM Entertainment confirmed the report and apologized for causing concern, they stated that Yunho met up with 3 acquaintances at a restaurant in Gangnam recently and was investigated for stating past the allowed operating business hours.

SM added,

“Yunho is deeply reflecting on himself for causing disappointment to the many people due to a moment of carelessness. We are also apologetic for not being thorough in managing and guiding our artist to follow social distancing guidelines in his personal time as well.”

Source: (A)

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