The Way Son Ye Jin Is Showing Love For Her Boyfriend Hyun Bin Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

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Son Ye Jin is showing lots of love for all content about her boyfriend Hyun Bin!

The couple confirmed to be dating earlier this year, and have since starred in a commercial together as well. Fans love their interactions and have been rooting for them to date even before it was publicly confirmed.

Around March 10, fans took notice of Son Ye Jin’s Instagram activities that show her love for Hyun Bin, fans found out she’s been liking many posts about her boyfriend on Instagram. The posts are made by fans about Hyun Bin.

Fans find the way Son Ye Jin shows her love for Hyun Bin to be ‘too cute,’ various fans began making photos about Hyun Bin and tagging Son Ye Jin hoping she’d like their posts.

Son Ye Jin is known for being active on Instagram and for using it to communicate with fans often. She had also previously wrote to fans about dating Hyun Bin when the news came out.

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