It turns out that The “Penthouse 2” is not going to be 12 episodes as previously reported.

According to new sources from SBS, The “Penthouse 2” will end with a 13th episode. The “Penthouse 2” Episode 13 will air on April 2 meaning the second season of the hit drama will be ending with 13 total episodes contrary to what’s been stated previously.

Last night, The “Penthouse 2” Episode 12 aired and left fans on a cliffhanger, after its 13th episode, the drama will be taking a break. “Taxi Driver” is set to air in its timeslot with its first episode airing on April 9, the 3rd season will reportedly air after it.

According to Ilgan Sports, The “Penthouse 3” will return this summer, specifically in June and will have a total of 12 episodes, however, unlike the first and second season, The “Penthouse 3” will air only once a week every Friday. SBS has not denied or confirmed whether it’ll air once or twice weekly.

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It is also being said that “Penthouse 2” Episode 13 will be one hour and 30 minutes long and that the episode will have a very shocking twist as well.

As a result of the 12th episode, “Penthouse 2” started trending on twitter as fans discussed what could possibly happen next week.

Are you sad to see The “Penthouse 2” end? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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