The Disturbing Shocking Situation Oh My Girl’s Seunghee Has Been Going Through Due To Rapper Tank

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Oh My Girl’s Seunghee has been going through a difficult time due to Rapper Tank and it all came to the surface due to his recent diss track called ‘Suni,’ a diss track directed at her.

WM Entertainment has released a lengthy statement to explain the situation regarding the diss track that the rapper released.

The song not only features lyrics that slander Seunghee and label her as someone who deceives her fan and dates around despite having had boyfriends but also features the idol’s blacked out face as the cover.

According to the agency, Seunghee and rapper Tank had a senior-junior relationship in the music world and have previously attended Korean Arts High School together, in their six bullet points statement they clarify the disturbing and shocking ordeal Seunghee has been going through because of him.

  1. In December 7 of 2020, Tank messages Seunghee and other former classmates claiming he was going to commit suicide. Because Seunghee read the messages that also stated he had a knife on hand, and because of his unstable mental state, she called an older female acquaintance who was working with him on music and explained the situation. The acquaintance reported the situation to the police.
  2. Both of them had gone to the scene, and since Seunghee was concerned that Tank might try to attempt suicide again, she offered him encouraging words to show him that he has people who care about him, this was purely done to stop him from making an extreme choice.
  3. Despite her best intentions, Tank began becoming overly obsessed, he sent her his psychiatric and medical records on the grounds that he was saved from death, he would claim Seunghee was his medicine and claim the doctor said she should stay by his side and help until he gets better. He continued to send obsessive messages and bringing his one-sided crush into a courtship.
  4. Since Seunghee doesn’t feel the same way about him, he took it very personally and sent a threatening message through the media that he’d soon commit suicide and the whole world would remember her name forever.
  5. Since the incident, Seunghee developed panic disorder so serious she couldn’t go about her schedule normally due to the severe mental stress and anxiety he caused. She cut off contact with him as a result.
  6. Tank has since posted videos and photos with obvious false claims through his SNS and YouTube channel.

WM Entertainment has found out that he’s been not only harassing Seunghee but also sending other artists and acquaintances videos and messages suggesting he’d attempt suicide and complained about his mental issues.

As a result of the situation, WM Entertainment will be taking strict legal action against him without any leniency, on the ground of spreading false information, intimidation, and violation of the artist’s personal rights.

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