Song Kang Reveals He’s Learned Ballet For 6 Months In Preparations For His Role In “Navillera”

“Navillera” main cast has attended the official drama press conference earlier today.

The highly anticipated upcoming tvN drama is about a 70-year-old retiree, Shim Duk Cheol (played by Park In Hwan) who decides to learn ballet at an old age to chase after his dream that he’s given up for his family. Song Kang plays a 23-year-old ballet student named Lee Chae Rok. Lee Chae Rok is struggling financially after choosing to pursue ballet despite his father’s wishes. Going through hard times, Lee Chae Rok meets Shim Duk Cheol.

During the press conference, Song Kang shared that he’s learned ballet for about 5-6 months before filming for his upcoming drama, he explained,

“I paid more attention to details such as line and gaze due to the intricacy of skills by professionals in the field.”

Song Kang also described Lee Chae Rok as ‘blunt, but warm on the inside,’ and added, ‘I am poor at expressing myself and I think Lee Chae Rok is like that too.’

“Navillera” will air on March 22 on tvN and Netflix.

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