Somebody Sent Flower Wreath Requesting (G)I-DLE Soojin’s Withdrawal To Cube Entertainment, Fans Shocked


An anonymous person has sent a Flower Wreath to Cube Entertainment building and it’s been creating buzz and a lot of backlash.

On March 1, one netizen posted a photo of a Flower Wreath that was in front of Cube Entertainment’s building, the flower wreath reads,

“Call for investigation about the facts regarding Seo Soojin,”


“Don’t self-reflect on school violence, withdraw.”

Later, another netizen posted a photo of a garbage bag, it appears that the flower wreath was removed.

The flower wreath was both a bizarre and a shocking idea, various fans of (G)I-DLE think the person who’s sent this is taking it too far.

This comes after Soojin was accused of school violence. Both Cube and Soojin denied the news, with Soojin personally issuing a statement to deny the points made by the accusers. Cube is taking legal actions against the spreading of such rumors but the fallout from the controversy is still ongoing.  

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. I mean The public doesn’t have a right to comment on this issue, because they don’t know the entire story. It’s not like they witnessed Soojin’s school life. Cube should provide with concrete evidence in their statement asap.


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