Rookie Boy Group 1TEAM Announces Disbandment 2 Years After Debut

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Rookie Boy Group 1TEAM will be disbanding soon!

1TEAM debuted in March of 2019 with the song “VIBE,” they consist of members Rubin, BC, Jehyun, Jinwoo, and Junghoon. Two of the members previously appeared on JTBC’s survival program “MIXNINE” and Mnet’s “Boys24″ prior to their debut.

1TEAM’s agency Liveworks Company issued an official statement to their fan café to announce the news. They stated that it took them time and a lot of deliberation to reach this decision, 1TEAM activities will officially end on March 14th 2021 and will terminate their contract with Liveworks Company as a group.

The agency also apologized for delivering this news so suddenly and thanked the fans who showed love and support for the members. The official 1TEAM channels including FANSHIP will be closed on March 31.

Wishing the members the best on their future projects.  

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