“River Where The Moon Rises” Cancels Today’s Filming + To Discuss The Future Of Actor Ji Soo’s Appearance


“River Where The Moon Rises” will not be filming today!

On March 4, Actor Ji Soo; the lead of “River Where The Moon Rises;” issued an apology letter admitting to his past bullying accusations. In his post, he apologies to those he hurt, to his fans, and to the staff working on “River Where The Moon Rises.”

The hit KBS drama has only been airing for 6 episodes and is scheduled for 14 more episodes. Last night, netizens petitioned to the KBS Viewers Rights Center asking for his removal from the drama which has been enjoying good ratings.

On March 4, various news outlets also reported that filming for “River Where The Moon Rises” today has been cancelled as a result of Ji Soo’s apology letter.

According to a rep by KBS, there is an ongoing ‘serious internal discussion’ about how they should approach the actor’s appearance in the drama moving forward. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but the issue is being approached cautiously according to the rep.

It is believed that KBS might either choose to continue filming with the actor or announce his departure from the series, if he departs the series, he’ll either be replaced or his appearance will be minimized as much as possible, however, the latter is very difficult since he is the first male lead of the drama.

According to the reports, “River Where The Moon Rises” has already filmed 18 episodes of 20 episodes which puts KBS at a very awkward situation. Netizens continue to demand he exits the drama.

“River Where The Moon Rises” also stars Kim So Hyun, Lee Ji Hoon, and more.

Actor Jisoo joins the growing list of celebrities accused of being bullies amid a new movement, the list includes (G)I-DLE’s Soojin, LOONA’s Chuu, MONSTA X’s Kihyun, Sunwoo of THE BOYZ, Stray Kids Member Hyunjin, Actress Park Hye Soo, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, APRIL and Kim Dong Hee to name a few.

What do you think KBS should do?

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  1. What kind of bullying? I don’t understand. Bosses bully, kick, hit. Parents bully, kick, hit. Evidently it’s hard to learn not to in such an atmosphere. I’ll bet the ones crying loudest are the most likely to kick a subordinate.


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