Pledis Entertainment Shares A New Update Regarding The Bullying Accusations Against SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

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Pledis Entertainment has come out with a new update in relation to the school bullying accusations made against Mingyu and its giving fans hope.

The new statement released on March 12 is about someone who wrote that they’ve attended the same academy with Mingyu [outside of school] and accused

This is PLEDIS Entertainment.

We would like to provide some additional information regarding an online post pertaining to when Mingyu, a member of SEVENTEEN was a student.

PLEDIS Entertainment had many conversations with the writer of the online post, which contained experiences at the after school class that the poster attended with the artist and ascertained additional facts of the issue. After going through this process, the artist and the poster agreed to resolve the misunderstandings and put the issue to rest.

The writer of the online post experienced a series of personal events unrelated to the artist while attending middle school and uploaded the post to make them known to the public. The post also included what happened during the after school classes at the time.

The artist said he did joke around with his male classmates at the after school class, but never bullied nor tried to embarrass any specific student. He did however, offer his sincere apologies if the poster, in any way, felt uncomfortable or suffered due to his actions.

The poster accepted the artist’s apology and insisted that the poster did not want the issue to lead to the suspension of the artist’s activity or the artist leaving the group from the very first conversation held with PLEDIS Entertainment.

We have shared this statement with the poster in advance and the poster confirmed and agreed to the release of the statement. We sincerely hope that the writer of the post does not experience further harm due to any disputes–big or small–over the issue.

We have contacted everyone involved in the post who could be identified and brought the conversation to a close. We are also currently looking into other matters which involve parties that are difficult to identify. We will provide an update with a separate notice on this issue at a later date.”

What do you think of their new statement?

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