Netizens Petition To KBS To Have Actor Ji Soo Leave “River Where The Moon Rises” Following Bullying Allegations

Actor Ji Soo has been accused of severe bullying by his former classmates from middle school and it’s having an effect on his projects.

The first post regarding these rumors was published on March 2. The netizen [A] identified themselves as a student who attended Seorabeol Middle School with Ji Soo between 2006-2008, they called Ji Soo a bully and a gangster.

The issue became bigger when other netizens either replied to the community post or shared their own posts alleging that the actor also bullied them. Two more accusations also came out against him.

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On March 3, KeyEast issued a neutral statement, they stated they were collecting information to verify the facts since it has happened a long time ago,

“We’ll begin receiving emails about the issues [writing their email] and collect information about it without any distortion. Also, if the publisher of the posts and the people who raised the issue would allow it, we’d like to hear their opinions on the issues personally.

Along with the investigation into the truth, Ji Soo and the agency will do our best to resolve the issue. We are sorry to have caused many people to worry.”

They also asked to refrain from circulating unconfirmed posts about the issue.

Since the actor is currently leading the KBS historical drama “River Where The Moon Rises,” it is starting to cause speculations about the fate of his appearance on the drama.

On March 3, one netizen posted a petition to the KBS Viewers Rights Center, as of 5 p.m. KST, the petition has received more than 3000 signatures. In the petition, the netizen asks the network to drop actor Ji Soo from the drama following his bullying allegations.

For the KBS to respond to petitions they must surpass 1000 signatures and the petition has already surpassed that and is gaining even more signatures as we speak.

This puts KBS in a difficult position since Ji Soo is the lead actor of the drama, only 6 episodes have aired thus far, and the drama has filmed even more episodes that are yet to be released. The drama is also 20 episodes long. “River Where The Moon Rises” has been enjoying great popularity with its ratings rising with each episodes.

KBS hasn’t responded yet to viewers demands or released their position regarding the fate of the ongoing drama and while KeyEast checks the facts, it is unknown when the issue will be wrapped up.

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