MAMAMOO Hwasa Renews Her Contract With RBW, Wheein Still In Talks

MAMAMOO Hwasa has also renewed her contract with RBW!

On March 30, RBW revealed that MAMAMOO Hwasa has renewed her exclusive contract with their label in an official statement. They announced their plans to fully support Hwasa in her future promotions through her group and as a soloist.

In their statement, they also added that they’re still discussing contract renewals with Wheein, but assured fans MAMAMOO will not disband.

This comes after it was previously confirmed by RBW that Solar and Moonbyul had renewed their contract with their agency while Hwasa and Wheein were still in talks.

MAMAMOO debuted in June of 2014 and their 7-year contract is set to expire some time in June of 2021.

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