KeyEast Announces Actor Ji Soo Will Immediately Halt All Activities Due to The Bullying Controversy, But Denies Sexual Violence Accusations

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Actor Ji Soo will be taking a hiatus!

On March 5, Actor Ji Soo’s agency KeyEast Entertainment released a new statement to address the actor’s future, the new sexual violence accusations made against him and the bullying accusations.

In their statement, they begin by apologizing for causing discomfort and concern to the many people due to the issues relating to Ji Soo’s school violence. They go on to explain that it’s taking them a while to confirm the facts,

“We wanted to check the facts of the posts related to school violence first. First of all, we checked with Ji Soo himself, the actor himself says there were parts that he was aware of himself but also other parts that seemed exaggerated or distorted, so we wanted to take time to check the facts clearly.

However, we were worried that it would cause further damage to the victims and we also didn’t want the actor to cause any more damage to the drama due to the controversy while we sort out the truth, so we would appreciate it if you could understand that he apologized as soon as possible without any preconditions.

We are revealing that the accusations of sexual violence with coercion are completely false. We ask you to refrain from publishing such one-sided claims with unconfirmed information like this.”

They also added that they’re still attempt to search the exact truth and are receiving tips at the email address they previously assigned to this issue. Ji Soo has also been directly contacting [with permission] the victims to apologize to them. They promise to work hard to sort things out with Ji Soo.

Due to the severity of the matter, Ji Soo will immediately halt all scheduled activities as an actor and take time to seriously reflect on himself.

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