tvN has recently released a video that has since gone viral!

“Vincenzo” is the newest hit drama from tvN about a man named Vincenzo Cassano [played by Song Joong Ki], he is a consigliere/lawyer who worked for the Italian mafia, he was adopted at the age of 8 and lived his whole life there.

As a result of the setup, the drama crew naturally needed to film in Italy, however, at the time of the drama production announcement, the pandemic was hitting Europe hard, so what did the production team do? CGI it of course, and they’ve done an amazing job at it!

In the newly released video from tvN, they show the contrast between the actual scenes before rending and after rendering of the computer graphics. Because of how good the CGI turned out to be, so many fans were under the assumption they had travelled to shoot these scenes in Italy, they thought they had filmed in a similar location and used little computer graphics.

Some of netizens comments include, ‘daebak,’ ‘wow, this is great,’ ‘this looks so sophisticated,’ ‘I thought they filmed this before COVID,’ ‘this is crazy,’ and more.

You can check out the video below!

What do you think of this?


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