“Joseon Exorcist” Sees A Significant Drop In Ratings Due To The Controversial Props And Historical Accuracy

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Despite premiering to stellar ratings, SBS’s new historical drama “Joseon Exorcist” has seen a sharp decline in ratings for its second episode.

On March 22, “Joseon Exorcist” episode 1 aired and it scored an average of 5.7% and 8.9%, which was quite admirable and a strong start to the highly anticipated drama.

However, soon after the first episode aired, controversy surrounding its historical accuracy and usage of Chinese props gained massive negative attention prompting the production to issue an official statement clarifying their stance and issuing an apology.

Despite the apology, over 1700 complaints have been sent to The Korea Communications Standards Commission thus far, an unprecedented number of complaints. Added to that, one netizen even posted a petition to the blue house titled ‘We request the immediate suspension of broadcasting of the historical the Northeast Project ‘Joseon Excorist’” The petition has attracted attention as well.

On the March 23 broadcast of “Joseon Exorcist,” the drama saw a noticeable decline in ratings. According to Nielsen Korea, “Joseon Exorcist” episode 2 recorded average nationwide ratings of 4.5% and 6.9%.

As a result of its drop, KBS’s historical drama “River Where the Moon Rises” took the lead once again and rated 6.8% and 8.1%

tvN’s new drama “Navillera” saw a slight rise in ratings, scoring 2.9% compared to its premiere 2.8%.

Which one of these dramas are you currently watching?

Thoughts- written by Jazmine K.

Since I am not Korean, so I will refrain from commenting on this issue as it relates to the tense relationship between China and Korea right now. From a plot perspective, “Joseon Exorcist” was a refreshing take on the zombie genre [thus far]. I didn’t expect the premiere episodes to be so bleak and gore. Its exactly the way I lik it but I believe those who are scared easily will struggle a bit watching it.

“Navillera” is a cute drama, I’ve been waiting for it to air and I am so happy with its premiere, its so sweet and a slice of life drama that I am sure will make me cry on a couple of occasions in future episodes.

Reviews of the newly released dramas will be posted to the blog later today.

By Hilda Moore

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