Jessi Names BTS Jungkook As Her Ideal Type And Say She Wants To Collaborate With Him

Jessi has updated the status of who she considers her ideal type and ARMY are loving what she said!

The popular singer-rapper has recently made a comeback, and on the most recent episode of “Showterview” she discussed her latest release, she was asked about her ideal type and celebrity crush, and her answer was BTS Jungkook.

Jessi was reluctant to reveal it at first scared of how the fans would react, she then shyly revealed it was Jungkook and said that she felt he became manly, she’s done a commercial with them previously and seeing him on TV recently, she saw how he’s grown up to become so cool and manly.

When asked whom she’d like to collaborate with, Jessi also named Jungkook.

Check out the interview clip below!

Many fans loved what she said about Jungkook and would love for them to collaborate on a song one day.

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