iKON’s Official TikTok Account Hacked

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Another idol group TikTok Account has been hacked.

While BTS account was hacked earlier this week, it appears that iKON’s Official TikTok account has also been recently hacked.

Fans began to notice changes on the account when content using Arabic language was posted to their account and the user’s bio was also changed to something written in Arabic, it reads ‘Enough with songs, its time for Quran, there is no god but Allah.’ iKON’s TikTok account also appeared to have started following a different account they never have followed in the past.

The way this account was hacked is similar to the way BTS’s account was hacked as well, leading many fans to believe the same person/group is behind this. The video has been deleted from the account since then and it appears that the group has full control over the account again.

Fans have been reporting the issue to TikTok and YG so they could take measures to retrieve the account back.


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