How BTS Jungkook Unknowingly And Naturally Helped Out A Small Business

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BTS Jungkook aka, the king of selling out products, has done it again, this time helping out a small business during such challenging times.

During his recent V Live, the beloved idol talked about drinking Kombucha, fans took notice of this and the Korean tea brand behind it; TEAZEN; has reported 500% increase in sales in the first week of March alone compared to the previous week.

The V Live was watched by over 21 million viewers already. According to the brand, they’re already working on full capacity and one month worth of sales was sold in merely 3 days. They issued several notices on their social media accounts to thank Jungkook and to alert customers that deliveries will be delayed due to the flood of orders.

Jungkook is being praised for helping out a small business during such challenging times.

The King of sold out has struck again!

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