GOT7 JB, Jackson, Mark, f(x) Amber, CL, Jay Park And More Speak Up Against The Rise In Hate Crimes Against Asians

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Various kpop idols have been expressing their thoughts and showing support for the victims suffering from the rising attacks against Asians in the United States.

Recently, there has been a mass-shooting in Atlanta, a total of 8 people including 6 who were Asians lost their lives. Additionally, an activism organization called Stop AAPI Hate reported the Asian American faced almost 3,800 racially-motivated attacks over the past year

The issue is growing bigger and people have been using the hashtag #StopAsianHate to spread awareness about this and highlight the violent attacks the Asian community has been suffering from due to the sentiment regarding COVID-19.

Kpop idols such as GOT7 JB, Jackson, Mark, f(x) Amber, CL, Jay Park and many more have expressed their support to the Asian community.

Amber wrote,

Jackson wrote,

Mark wrote,

GOT7 JB shared this to his Instagram story,

While Jay Park also took to Instagram to write,

Cl also wrote,

Tablo tweeted ‘please’ with links and resources about the ongoing issue.

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