Dongsuh Foods Halts APRIL Member Naeun’s Advertisement Due To The Bullying Scandal


Dongsuh Foods has decided to halt all advertisement featuring APRIL Member Naeun.

As previously reported, former APRIL member Hyunjoo’s younger brother accused the group members and former member Somin [now in KARD] of bullying his sister to the point she had panic disorder, suffered from shortness of breath and attempted suicide.

DSP has since released three statements, the first one was vague and didn’t provide much explanation and the second one was more detailed and went through a list of the accusations listed by the brother and denied each and every one of them.

However, the younger brother then retaliated by releasing the medical records of his sister showing that she attempted to commit suicide. DSP responded with a firm statement, this time stating that the claims are groundless, again, and that they will do their best to protect APRIL members from these accusations.

DSP stated that they have attempted to “fulfilled its duties toward its artist by meeting with Lee Hyunjoo and her mother twice,” but “Lee Hyunjoo insisted on her one-sided claims,” and following her younger brother new medical evidence reveal which DSP calls a “one-sided post,” they have decided to stop the dialogue and will sue him, his sister as well as her family members.

The newly released DSP statement is gaining massive backlash online and the situation regarding the bullying has not died down. As a result of the bullying allegations and the agency’s statements, netizens gathered a list of all the brands Naeun models for and started messaging the brands asking them to pull her out threatening boycott.

Many brands have already disabled comments on videos featuring APRIL Naeun or deleted them, but one brand has already issued a response. Dongsuh Foods has decided to halt all the advertisements featuring Naeun until the issue is resolved and the facts are clear, they have done this to minimize the damage the brand is receiving as a result of this ongoing controversy.

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