Cube Entertainment Apologized After Brave Girls Album Gifted To TV Personality Found On Resale Site

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Announcer Lee Hwi Jae is under fire after a post about him online went viral!

The post that is at the center of controversy is about the rising girl group Brave Girls. One netizen posted photos of a copy of Brave Girls’ 2016 mini album ‘High Heels.’ The album is signed by the members themselves on the front and is clearly indicated by the members to Lee Hwi Jae. The netizen noted they found the album on a re-sale site and bought it.

The members dedicated a short letter for the announcer, they wrote, “Lee Hwi Jae sunbaenim! Hello, this is Brave Girls! You saw us at KBS recording of the variety show ‘Vitamin,’ do you remember? Our songs in this album are very good, we hope that sunbaenim will listen to them soon! Lee Hwi Jae sunbaenim who is so cool, please take good care of us! Thank you.”

Fans were outraged after the post had gone viral, Lee Hwi Jae was under fire for not only selling a gift by the girl group but also selling a not-for-sale item as the album passed around within the industry is intended ‘not to be sold.’

After the post went viral, Cube Entertainment, the TV personality agency, issued an apology and an explanation. They explained that the signed albums are stored by management in a vehicle and while the Brave Girls album was also stored there, they’re having difficulty figuring out how the album ended up being re-sold, but they refuted that Lee Hwi Jae attempted to re-sell the album.

They concluded their statement with an apology, they admitted to ‘negligence of management and for the hurt they caused Brave Girls and their fans. They ended their statement with, “We will manage more thoroughly in the future so such a problem never occurs again. Our sincerest apologies.”

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