Netizen Who Falsely Accused The Boyz Sunwoo Of School And Dating Violence Admits Everything Was False + Cre.ker Entertainment Issues Update On Legal Action

The original netizen who posted about The Boyz Sunwoo alleged school violence accusations has taken back everything they’ve said and apologized. The agency had previously denied the accusations when they first appeared.

Recently, the same netizen who posted these accusations posted a handwritten apology letter admitting everything was false. In their apology, they admit they had prejudice and negative feelings towards Sunwoo and believed stories they heard about him without questioning them.

They also stated that after checking the facts, they learned that everything they’d written was false including the school violence, dating abuse, and more. They apologized for hurting Sunwoo, the agency and fans and promised this won’t ever happen again.

On March 29, THE BOYZ’s agency Cre.ker Entertainment released an update on their progress regarding the fight against malicious commenters. They stated that they verified the original post by the accuser above was false and after checking the authenticity, the poster had acknowledged everything they wrote was clearly false. Since they’ve delivered a handwritten letter of apology and acknowledged that everything was their fault and sincerely apologized, they’ve decided to show leniency after serious consideration.

However, apart from this subject, the agency promises to do their best to protect THE BOYZ members and will sue anyone who spread malicious false rumors. Through the help of the fans and their continuous monitoring of the web, they will ensure to protect the members.

They also revealed that on March 26, they’ve submitted an official complaint to investigative authorities through their legal representative, Shinwon law firm. They also encouraged fans to send them emails about malicious comments if they find them.

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