BTS’s Official TikTok Account Gets Hacked

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BTS TikTok Account has been hacked!

Fans began noticing changes in BTS’s official TikTok Account recently, when a mysterious video was uploaded to the account and other suspicious activities were noticed by fans.

The video posted was titled ‘soon’ and also featured a hammer and a mysterious sounding track, similar to the type of music you’d hear in horror movies. The post has since been deleted.

The account also liked content unrelated to BTS any shape or form, which is highly unlike anything the BTS members would do. The account also followed two more accounts that aren’t related to BTS, fans theorize that it could be the accounts of the people who hacked them. The accounts have also since been removed from the follow list.

ARMY grew worried about this issue and have been calling on TikTok to secure the account and return it to BTS.

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  1. why is this situation so funny tho? same with the ikon one, they were my ullttts and i remember one time my dad said something about this and how bts’s and ikon’s accs got hacked, but since my family always tease me by mentioning those groups that i like and some insane situation like this i didnt believe him at first and said, “research before you say anything because you might be wrong” because i was so damn tired of their teasing. Then i went home and did my research and i was.. surprised. But also laughed my ass off on how ridiculous this situation is..

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