BTS Jin Personally Clarifies Why He Has Less Screen Time Compared To His Other Members On “You Quiz On The Block”

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BTS Jin has personally addressed the elephant in the room!

On March 24, BTS appeared on “You Quiz On The Block,” it marks a rare appearance by the group on a Korean variety show, fans were over the moon and so excited to see the boys on Korean TV.

After watching the show, many fans noticed that Jin had gotten less screen time than the other members, and some of the fans took to the program’s official website to voice their complaints.

However, Jin spoke up personally about this shortly afterwards, he explained on Weverse,

“When I thought back on the things I said on ‘ You Quiz On The Block’, I felt like I only talked about depressing things, so I asked them to edit it out.. hehe.”

Following Jin’s clarification, most of the complaints that were uploaded to the site were deleted and fans began to instead praise the show producers for listening to Jin’s request and editing out the scenes.

What do you think of this?

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