BLACKPINK Jennie’s Fans Sent Protest Trucks To YG Entertainment, Here Is Why


Fans of BLACKPINK Jennie’s have sent another protest truck to YG Entertainment!

A group of Jennie fans called ‘Jensetters Union’ have organized the event and decided to gather funds to send trucks protesting to YG, they’re asking for better treatment of Jennie. The truck was planned for three days from March 3 to March 5, the text reads, ‘BETTER TREATMENT FOR JENNIE.’

The truck calls for Jennie’s privacy protection, the fan union is asking YG to address the various rumors surrounding her since her debut and to take legal action against the one who hacked her instagram as well as the netizen who leaked her address information online.

Fans are angry about the hate Jennie received for the dating news with Gdragon. Even though the label didn’t confirm nor deny, Jennie has been receiving hate for getting involved in dating rumors again.

Along with the trucks, they trended the hashtag #YGEListenToUs.

YG Entertainment hasn’t responded.

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