April’s Naeun And Former A-JAX Member Yunyoung Involved In Dating Rumors, Agency Denies


April’s Naeun and Former A-JAX Member Yunyoung have been rumored to be dating!

The rumors started due to the bullying allegations made against current and former APRIL members.

One netizen claiming to be former APRIL member Hyunjoo brother claimed that Hyunjoo was bullied to the point she became suicidal. DSP Media initially gave a vague response stating that all the current and former members were victims of circumstances, due to that, rumors about the situation didn’t calm down but got worse, DSP Media ended up issuing a second lengthy statement addressing each point made in the original accusations post, they denied the bullying allegations.

Later, Former A-JAX Member Yunyoung jumped to APRIL’s defense, his defense garnered mixed response and netizens began looking into his instagram account and then rumors about whether Yunyoung was dating April’s Naeun began to spread everywhere, many began speculating on the nature of their relationship and why Yunyoung would’ve interfered in APRIL’s bullying allegations.

In response to the new situation, DSP Media called the rumors ‘baseless and completely false,’ when addressing whether Yunyoung was dating April’s Naeun.

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