SHINee members are currently busy promoting their latest release and their recent appearance on a YouTube channel is gaining attention.

Recently, the boy group appeared on a YouTube channel called ODG, a channel centered on kids reviewing stuff and talking to idols.

In the video, each SHINee member is paired with a kid. During the video, they went through their musical releases, milestones and performances from their debut in 2008 until now.

During the 2018 era with their song “Good Evening,” the kid sitting next to Minho remarked that one of the members was missing and asked about why Jonghyun wasn’t in the picture. Here is the conversation that transpired,

Kid: “One person missing though?”

Minho: “Yes, one person is missing”

Kid :”Who? , why? Left the group?”

Minho: “It’s uncle Jonghyun… he’s not well….”

Kid :” Then he’s not a bad uncle”

MInho :”Yes, he’s not a bad uncle, he’s a good uncle”

Fans couldn’t help but get emotional after watching that scene, you can check out the full video below [press CC for subtitles]


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