“True Beauty” Webtoon Artist Yaongyi Reveals She’s A Single Mother Shocking Netizens

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“True Beauty” Webtoon Author Yaongyi has surprised netizens by revealing she’s a single mother.

On February 16, Yaongyi posted photos of herself and her son on her SNS and wrote,

“I have a toddler that’s more precious to me than my life. He is an existence I have protected even more than my own life, and I’ll continue to do so.

The child has not been away from me even for a moment, and he’s now somehow become an elementary school student. He’s my motivation and the most precious thing I have. I will protect him forever. Its because of his existence that I gain strength even when I am tired.”

The statement she’s released to her SNS was a long one and she went into details about how she’s raising her child alone after getting a divorce, she had previously revealed she has no plans to remarry and she was a divorcee but fans weren’t aware whether she had a child with her previous spouse.

In her post, she also thanks the many people who were there for her and helped her raise her child, she said,

“I’m just a webtoon writer, but I’m also getting a lot of attention from people, so I am opening up about my personal history like this. Raising a child alone is sometimes difficult, but when you see your child’s laughter, all the difficulties disappear. I will live my life even harder to protect him.

I feel very nervous posting about this, but thank you for listening to my story.”  

Webtoon Author Yaongyi most successful work “True Beauty” has accumulated an impressive 4 billion views worldwide and was recently adapted into a drama for the tvN series of the same title finding more success as well.

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