“True Beauty” Cast And Staff Under Fire For Taking Photo Without Masks, Production Team Issues An Apology

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“True Beauty” has wrapped up its run a couple of days ago, and at the time, the cast of the drama shared various photos of their last shooting day.

Cha Eun Woo shared a group photo of the cast and crew of the drama on his Instagram account, in the caption, he thanked everyone who worked hard on the drama. Fans quickly noticed that in the photo, almost no one was wearing a mask.

After that post went viral, k-netizens heavily criticized the “True Beauty” cast and staff for taking a group photo without wearing masks, since the majority of people in the photo didn’t have a mask on, the cast and crew came under fire for not adhering to proper social distancing guidelines.

On February 7, the production staff of “True Beauty” issued a statement apologizing for the matter,

“We apologize for causing many people concern due to the staff group photo taken after the end of filming.”

They went on to stress that during filming for “True Beauty,” they followed the rules to prevent infection transmission and were able to finish filming safely, they stated that at the end of filming when taking a photo to commemorate the end, they temporarily took off their masks. “True Beauty” aired its final episode on February 4.


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