Sunwoo of THE BOYZ Accused Of School Violence And Dating Violence, Agency Denies The Allegations

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THE BOYZ member Sunwoo is the latest celebrity to be involved in bullying rumors.

On February 22, an online post emerged about Sunwoo and it accused him of many things that shocked netizens.

Warning: description of allegations of sexual violence.

The accuser [A] said Sunwoo made sexual comments and said insults about other’s family members. [A] also alleged that he had committed dating violence against his girlfriend in the first year of middle school and that his girlfriend would attend school with bruises on her body.

[A] also claimed Sunwoo would make sexually harassing comments about a female student in their class. They also added he was a smoker who would drink alcohol and make dirty jokes as well.

[A] wrote,

“Even if you search up the posts of your controversies, take them down, it doesn’t erase the fact that you smoked in the corner at school, committed dating violence, sexually harassed us, and committed sexual violence against us.”

On February 23, THE BOYZ’s agency issued a statement denying the allegations calling them ‘false information going beyond the limit,’ they explicitly denied that he committed any of the acts mentioned in the post such as the physical violence part.  

They also added that they will collect information and take legal steps against the spreading of groundless false information online, they reiterated that they will strongly respond legally to all instances of false information being spread online.  

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