Red Velvet’s Seulgi has become the first member of her group to officially reveal that she’s left the dorm.

Usually, idol group members share a dorm together, especially in the early days of their career. After several years; many of them end up leaving the dorm and settling for their own personal apartments for privacy and security reasons.

On February 6, Seulgi went on Bubble to chat with fans and revealed she’s moved out of the dorm. The reasons being that she has too much stuff for all of it to fit in Red Velvet’s dorm, she also wanted to do her own interior design and have a personal workspace. Seulgi revealed that she’s hesitated to reveal this fact to fans fearing they’d be upset but thought they should know.

Seulgi added that she stays at the dorm when there are group activities and her place is close to the dorm. Added to that, her fellow group members have come to hang out at her place several times already.

To end it on a happy note, Seulgi asked fans not to worry and their group bond is still as strong as ever.

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