PLEDIS Officially Denies The Bullying Allegations Made Against SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu And Points Out Inconsistencies In The Accuser’s Post


SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu is among the many Korean celebrities who were accused of being bullies this past week.

The bullying accusations began with actor Jo Byeong Gyu and have since spiraled into overdrive as many netizens are coming out with allegations against various A-list celebrities right now. At least 10 Korean celebrities were accused of being bullies this past two days alone.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu was among the celebrities accused of being a bully during his school days. On February 22, an online post was written by a netizen [A] who claims to have attended the same elementary school and middle school as Mingyu.

[A] claims that she gained courage to write the post after seeing the surge of school violence accusations made against celebrities. In her post, she claims that SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu was part of a group of delinquents. She says a group of the scary kids would stop her on her way home, intimidate her and take her money, they would also verbally abuse her. She says among those, was a person who watched from the beginning while laughing and that was Mingyu. She even claimed that he used to take money after passing auditions and becoming a trainee in the 3rd year of middle school, he would use her money to pay for transportation to the practice room.

the post was deleted about 3 hours after it was uploaded.

A source from Pledis Entertainment told news outlets that after confirming with Mingyu, the accusations are ‘groundless and completely false.’

Pledis also added that [A] who verified their identity using their middle school graduation album used a photo from a different year that isn’t from Mingyu’s graduation year. Added to that, PLEDIS also pointed out that [A] claimed he was cast in his 3rd year of middle school, but the reality is, Mingyu was cast in his second year of middle school.

Pledis stated that the accusations [A] has made up don’t line up at all.


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