Minzy has recently guested on KBS CoolFM’s Park Myungsoo’s Radio and talked about a lot of things and one of the questions she was asked is making headlines everywhere.

As fans already know, ‘As If It’s Your Last’ is one of BLACKPINK’s biggest songs that made a splash when it was released.

At the time of its release, some fans believed it was meant for 2NE1. Many fans had differing opinions about whether the song belonged to 2NE1 or to BLACKPINK and whether it would’ve sounded better if it was sung by 2NE1.

During the show, the MC asked Minzy whether ‘As If It’s Your Last’ was supposedly a track meant for 2NE1, Minzy answered,

“Yes, it was our demo song. Things have changed because there were many other good songs while we were recording.”

Minzy also revealed that the song was originally titled ‘Blame It On Your Love’ and even sang a portion of it. Check it out below:

Would you love to hear 2NE1 sing their demo version of ‘As If It’s Your Last’?



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