LOONA’s Chuu’s Agency To Take Strict Legal Action In Spite Of The Accuser’s Apology Letter

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Recently, a netizen [A] accused LOONA’s Chuu of bullying causing a huge shock among fans.

The story was met with mixed response and the agency stated that they wished for the rumors to stop circulating around about this, they denied that LOONA’s Chuu was a perpetrator of school violence. Later, they released a new statement to assure fans they will take legal action against the allegations.

Shortly after the agency announced this, the original accuser wrote a handwritten apology letter and apologized for spreading the fake rumors, ‘I did not have a good relationship with Kim Ji Woo, so I think my memories were distorted over time.’

On February 24, BlockBerryCreative confirmed their stance on this, they will be taking legal action irrespective of the accuser apology, they stated they won’t be changing their stance and will carry out the plans.

Fans are happy that Chuu’s name was cleared and are happy that the agency won’t back down and will sue the accuser who spread harmful fake information about her.

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