Lee Sun Bin Talks About Boyfriend Lee Kwang Soo, Here Is What She Said About Their Relationship

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Actress Lee Sun Bin has recently opened up about her boyfriend on TV and fans are loving what she’s said.

Lee Sun Bin was one of the guests on February 3rd episode of “My Fantasy House.” during the episode, she found out that she and actor Park Ki Woong live in the same area, when asked if she’s ever ran into him, she said she didn’t.

When talking about houses and how people would like to have a person whom they could share the living space wtih, Jang Sung Kyu brought up the topic of Lee Sun Bin’s boyfriend Lee Kwang Soo, he asked, ‘do you happen to have a tall person who to live with?’

To that, Lee Sun Bin was slightly caught off guard, but she responded with, ‘yes, there is a tall person.’

Lee Sun Bin doesn’t usually bring up her boyfriend Lee Kwang Soo, fans were happy to learn that the couple is still going strong. The two first confirmed to be dating in December of 2018.

By Hilda Moore

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