Stray Kids Privacy Revealed To Be Continuously Violated By Sasaengs, JYP Entertainment Issues New Statement Promising Strict Legal Action

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It appears that many sasaengs [obsessive-so-called fans] have not been paying attention to JYP’s previous warnings.

In December of 2020, JYP Entertainment had issued a stern warning to sasaengs stating they would be taking legal action over the issues they’ve been causing to Stray Kids.

On February 5, JYP issued a new statement, talking about sasaengs who continuously invaded their privacy with many actions such as: waiting for them outside the dorm, company, or salon; following the artist when they are traveling for scheduled activities; attempting physical contact and grabbing; and coming inside the dorm building’s entrance.  

JYP added that their artists have been suffering mentally from such intrusion and are unable to have an everyday normal life that they wish for.  

As previously announced, sasaengs will be blacklisted from Stray Kids fan club activities and JYP will carry out criminal complaints to the police after collecting evidence through CCTV and monitoring. JYP assured fans that their top priority is their artist’s safety and rights and will continue to take every action necessary including legal punishment.

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